• Publish Date: Oct 22 2018 3:25AM
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  • Updated Date: Oct 22 2018 3:25AM
MY FIRST SALARYRepresentational Pic

There is no better temporary delight in this life then receiving cell phone message which reads, “Your account has been credited with Rs ….as monthly salary” as money matters and especially in contemporary times it is no less then elixir. Now going back to my childhood days when I used to always get reprimanding from my father for not leaving for school until my pocket didn’t get warmed with one-rupee coin, so that I could afford to buy an ice-cream which cost fifty paisa and a lollipop of same price, every rejection was invitation for crying and tearing of my homework and that trick often worked in my favour. I often used to cry before my friends that my father was miser as he never gave me money easily. But now time has moved on I have reached an age where I am no longer parasite on my family but time has taught me value of hard earned money, I am able to understand why money is so dear to humans, why people keep money pocket close to their heart, why money is everything. Money teaches so many lessons in life and in a small span of time I have realised how friends become foes due to money, how one gets duped by our closest colleague who always slept by our side.

It was mid summer of year 2015 when I got my first appointment as lecturer on ad-hoc basis in degree college Sopore, going as per the norms of service rules those days first salary was released after six months of long wait. Wait of six months for first salary looked like decade, so I didn’t bother to open an account for myself in bank. After five months of wait I was close to the threshold of receiving my first salary and on the direction of section officer of college I had to open an account in local bank so my salary could be credited, it was my first bank account, but Oh God!  Wasn’t I happy I was expecting to receive salary message anytime so I kept on checking my cell phone inbox every time my cell phone beeped with SMS message and at last my moment of rages to riches came. I remember clearly it was 18th December 2015, 10:55 in morning when I received the message, “Your account has been credited with 90125 rupees”  it was an eureka moment for me I jumped high in joy and punched the air with my fist as if I was celebrating victory on cricket field, I was restless and being naïve I kept on disclosing what most people consider secret to everyone whom I met, as no one had reminded me ‘never discuss and count your money before others as it was invitation for evil eye.’ Days after receiving my first salary I felt restless, I was concerned about the manner in which I could spent this, different thoughts kept on cropping in my mind, buying an earrings for my love was out of context at that time as I didn’t had one, buying a car was far off thing to dream about as this much money wasn’t enough and finally after long thought I opted for savings. 

Months passed by, then one day sitting as routine in staff room, one of our newly joined colleagues  with whom I had shared my secret salary message asked for a favour in the form of ten thousand rupees, for a moment I didn’t respond as it was big deal of trust for me as I wasn’t too much acquainted with his character but he kept on asking and promised me to return it within two days and I succumbed to his persistence. I handed him required amount of money. Two days passed peacefully, I didn’t mention anything before him, then after one week’s time I became bit anxious and suspicious about the promise of two days I gathered some courage from rarity in asking for return of money but in return he asked for one more day extension before he could return, citing some fabricated excuses. Time has passed by, two days changed into weeks, weeks into months, months into years and now still in 2018 I haven’t received that amount yet and in fact I have given up, I have stopped reminding him about it, and deleted his phone number. Now with time number of defaulters who have duped me continue to rise. Even my neighbour has duped me of Rs 5000 after receiving it from me citing his son’s illness which proved to be lie and my wait continues. Now few days back my cousin ringed from new Delhi to lend him seven thousand rupees urgently but this time I bluntly rejected which I shouldn’t have done, citing fake reasons as I’m suffering from trust deficit and suspect even my blood relatives. Main reasons for my misery over generosity goes to all those defaulters who have broken the thread of promise with me. They say, “neither lend nor borrow money.”